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Prewired controls for Telecaster, 3-way switch, with treble bleed, reverse control layout


Complete wiring harness for Telecaster style guitars, made right here in our own workshop, with reverse control layout. For those who like their volume control to be closer to the bridge for volume swells etc, we offer this kit, with the volume in front and the 3-way switch at the back of the control plate. Made with the same quality components: CTS Premium 10% tolerance pots with brass solid shafts, WD paper-in-oil tone capacitor and Switchcraft output jack, wired up vintage style with cloth covered wire. This is the version with treble bleed circuit (.001µF capacitor wired in parallel with 150k resistor between the in and output legs of the volume pot, to retain more of the high frequencies as you roll back the volume). We also offer this kit without the treble bleed circuit for those who don't like it.

This kit will fit standard Telecaster control plates with 3/8" mounting holes for the pots, many guitars made in the Far East will have control plates drilled for 8mm metric pots, so please make sure this will fit your guitar. We also offer control plates drilled for inch size pots, and we will soon offer complete loaded control plates with knobs and switch cap.



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